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Your Choice To Keep Your Animal Clean

Keeping your dog or cat prim and proper with regular grooming ensures their happiness. Just as any human needs to bathe, your pets need the same rinse and wash to live a healthy life. Make our pet boutique your choice for cat and dog grooming every four to six weeks. Call Muddy Paws LLC today for a consultation to discuss your dog and cat grooming needs and to set up an appointment in Salisbury, Maryland.

Pampering Your Pet's Skin

Your pet deserves only the best, so we provide specialty shampoos for our feline and canine friends with skin conditions to keep their coat healthy. Our shampoos are designed specifically for flea and tick treatment. You won't have to worry about parasites on your furry family member, and your pets won't be scratching incessantly. You'll also love running your fingers through their shiny fur, and they'll love getting the belly rubs they crave.